About PEMF

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy. PEMF therapy promotes improved cellular oxygenation and blood flow by supplying energy to the body with pulsating magnetic fields. All atoms, chemicals, and cells produce electromagnetic fields the PEMF helps restore the cells charge for optimal function. This cell re-growth therapy leads to overall good health for humans, horses and small animals. Humans and animals suffer from energy loss due to stress and environmental factors. Stress with insufficient exercise and diet complications leaves our cells depleted. This leads to many negative side like poor circulation, degenerative diseases, and declining performance. 

What PEMF Does at a Cellular Level

  • Improves circulation and lowers blood viscosity

  • Improves oxygen delivery 

  • Improves lymph flow

  • Reduces inflammatory processes 

  • Recharges trans-membrane potential

  • Increases ATP production

  • Enhances sodium potassium pump

  • Stimulates DNA, RNA and protein production

some of the ways PEMF can help humans and horses 

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Improve circulation 

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Promote nutrient utilization and cellular detoxification

  • Balance the immune system

  • Speed repair of bone and soft tissue